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WATCH ONLINE: Interpol Pre-General Assembly Panel - 21 November 2023

Last week, Red Notice Monitor (RNM) hosted a panel to discuss the priorities of Interpol’s annual General Assembly (GA) which is commencing tomorrow, 28 November going through 1 December 2023, in Vienna.

This year’s GA is of symbolic significance as 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of Interpol’s founding, also in the city of Vienna.

Whilst fully supporting Interpol in its mission to facilitate police cooperation in the fight against international crime, RNM intends to shine a light on the work of Interpol amidst increasing concern about the lack of transparency in its work, generally, and in particular how Interpol’s procedures have been abused by its Member States.

RNM Editor Roger Sahota chaired a panel of experts composed of Bill Browder, Dr. Ted R. Bromund, Meg Hobbins and Ben Keith.

For bios, please visit our previous blog here.

The entire discussion may be watched here.

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