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On the Campaign Trail – UK Government Issues Statement in Support of Stephen Kavanagh

Source: @INTERPOL_HQ on X

The British Government appears to be making a concerted diplomatic effort to lobby on behalf of the UK candidate Stephen Kavanagh who has put himself forward for the post of the next Secretary General of Interpol.

Under the theme “innovation, impact, integrity and inclusivity,” a glossy brochure - available here - supporting Mr Kavanagh’s candidacy has recently been published. It has a foreword by the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and includes a strong recommendation for his candidacy.

From our reading of his campaign material, it would seem the primary focus of Mr Kavanagh’s campaign will revolve around emphasising his extensive experience at the organisation and as a senior police officer to suggest he will be a safe pair of hands to take the helm at Interpol.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Mr Kavanagh does not directly address the widespread criticism of attempts by certain regimes to politically manipulate Interpol’s procedures in recent years. Mr Kavanagh does however promise to “uphold and strengthen [Interpol’s].. commitment to efficiency, transparency and neutrality.“ He also refers to his past support for the work of Interpol’s Notices and Diffusions Task Force and the Interpol Corrective Measures Team.

In a departure from the secrecy that normally characterises Interpol’s internal appointments, the publication of the brochure is a welcome development. It is hoped that we shall soon see similar pamphlets from the other candidates in the field.


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