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Farewell, Interpol Foundation For A Safer World

So farewell then.

It's official: The INTERPOL Foundation for a Safer World has taken its final bow, as we predicted a few weeks ago. The United Arab Emirates, generously donated EUR 50 million to the Foundation. As far as we can tell, that's the only source of funding that the foundation has ever received. As we've previously written, it's probably just coincidence that this significant donation was coextensive with the successful presidential campaign of Major General al Raisi, also of the UAE.

The Foundation, born amidst much fanfare in 2013, purported to bolster global safety. It has now concluded that its mission is complete.

As we bid farewell to the INTERPOL Foundation for a Safer World, it's worth pondering the true extent and impact of its legacy. Was it a genuine force for global security, or a well-funded yet transient player on the international stage? The Foundation's swift rise and exit, coupled with its unique funding situation, leave us questioning the mechanisms for funding Interpol and the influence that individual countries wield. The Foundation's story is a reminder of the complex interplay between global security efforts and geopolitical interests.


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