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  • Ben Keith

Enes Kanter Freedom tells Red Notice Monitor about Turkey's abuse of Interpol

The NBA star is standing up for human rights and standing up to those abusing Interpol Red Notices, he tells Ben Keith all in this video interview.

Red Notice Monitor speaks with Enes Kanter Freedom, the NBA basketball player who criticised the Erdoğan government and was subsequently stopped at border control on a business trip in 2017 after the Turkish authorities improperly reported his passport stolen with Interpol and issued a Red Notice against him.

Watch the full 15 minute video interview here

Enes tells Ben Keith, a London-based barrister specialising in extradition, about the abuse of Interpol by Turkey that he has witnessed:

"In Turkey, if you are in the country and you criticise the President, if you say anything against the Erdoğan Government, anything against the regime, you will be in prison the next day. But if you are outside of Turkey, if you are a journalist, or you are an activist, and you are criticising the president or you say something against the government, what they do is so disgusting, they will put you on an Interpol list, and whatever country you are in around the world, that country has to deport you back to Turkey if they have an extradition, or some kind of deal with Turkey. So, in one week they put 65,000 people's names on the Interpol list and told them that they were terrorists.”

Find and share this video interview on YouTube, here.


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