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Dirty Work: The Misuse of Interpol Red Notices - Episode Four: One of the Worst

Photo: Sky News

Interpol Red Notice Lawyers, Ben Keith and Rhys Davies, editors of Red Notice Monitorprovide expert analysis to Sky News in their latest Podcast, Episode 4: One of the Worst: The Misuse of Interpol Red Notices. 

The podcast takes a look at the worst-case scenarios for being on the wrong end of a Red Notice. Ben and Rhys discuss the funding of Interpol and their previous report with Sir David Calvert-Smith, Undue Influence.


In this episode, Sahar Zand takes a closer look at the president of Interpol, Major General Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi - a senior police officer in the UAE - who, human rights lawyers say, is one of the biggest offenders of Interpol abuse.


WARNING: This episode contains details of torture.

You can listen to the full podcast here.


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